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Program description

The Mostar Summer Youth Program (MSYP) is a free summer educational program that provides youth aged 14-19 from Mostar and the surrounding area with opportunities to improve their self-confidence and key skills. The program empowers participants in their educational, social and professional ambitions, by connecting them with organisations and businesses working in and around Mostar. MSYP aspires to be a hub for youth leadership, volunteerism, and entrepreneurship.

The program

  • MSYP was founded by Sho Igawa, Dilia Zwart and Freya Nowell in 2014 and has run every summer since.
  • MSYP consists of 3 weeks of workshops, classes and events held at the United World College in Mostar and other venues around the city.
  • MSYP is organised and run by volunteers. The program is independent and is not affiliated with any political, religious or corporate organisations.
  • The team behind MSYP also organise a range of other educational initiatives, including LAB (Learn, Advance, Bridge), a STEM summer program founded in 2020.

Participants and staff

  • MSYP participants are aged 14 to 19.
  • Participants are required to submit an application form and are selected based on the quality of their applications (priority is given to applicants from Mostar).
  • On average, 50-60 participants attend MSYP each year.
  • On average, 90% of participants are from Mostar; 10% are from other cities in BiH or from other countries.
  • MSYP is staffed by an international team of volunteers, with approx. half coming from Mostar or other parts of BiH.
  • Each year, the staff team is made up of some new and some returning volunteers.


  • MSYP is free for participants. All staff are volunteers who take no payment for their time.
  • MSYP is funded by donations and benefits in kind from individuals, local companies, grant-making organisations and NGOs.
  • The funds are used primarily for venues, food and water during events, and materials for classes and workshops.
  • MSYP costs about KM14000 to run. This varies year by year, depending on the activities we organise. This figure includes benefits in kind, such as venue hire. Staff pay for their own transport to Mostar where necessary – this is also included in the total cost.
  • We publish our accounts to maintain complete transparency about funding arrangements.