About this course

In this course you will gain a foundational understanding of logic. You will be challenged to think critically about the truth value of conditional statements and test the validity of arguments. We will also explore Venn Diagrams in the context of logic and dive into problems involving matrix logic.

Lesson 1

Welcome to Logical Reasoning. Before our first class, I want you to watch this video and think about the question ‘Why is logic important?’


Lesson 2

Today I would like you to read the first three pages of this document. You can stop before 1.3.3 How to Construct a Truth Table. Please make note of the symbols and what they mean as we will be using them in class today!

Lesson 3

Today we will begin talking about validity. Please watch this video so you can start to see the differences between true/false and valid/invalid.

Lesson 4

Today we will talk about logical equivalence. Please watch this video to get an idea of what logical equivalence is.

Lesson 5

Today we will begin to discuss Venn Diagrams. Please watch this video to see how Venn diagrams are helpful when studying logic.

Lesson 6

Today we will talk about validity when it comes to Venn Diagrams as well as other types of problems we could solve with Venn Diagrams. Please watch the video I have prepared and if you have not already please leave your week 1 feedback here.

Lesson 7

Today we will look at a new type of problem that can be solved using Venn Diagrams. Please watch this video to get an idea of what we will be talking about in class today.

Lesson 8

Today we will start to look at diagramming arguments. Please watch this video as a preview of what we will talk about today.

Lesson 9

In class today we will begin working on our final project, an autobiography in logic. Please take some time to create a Venn Diagram that has MSYP Participants as the left hand circle and choose something for the right hand circle that you like or enjoy or have felt during your time at MSYP. Be prepared to share with the class.

Lesson 10

In class today we will be presenting our final projects. Please finish up anything you weren’t able to during the last class and be prepared to present your project.


Becca Brady