MSYP 2015

Mostar Summer Youth Program 2015


  • Alisa, Bihac, BiH
  • Sanela, Mostar, BiH
  • Stefan, Bijeljina, BiH
  • Mia, Sarajevo, BiH
  • Mehmet, Turkey
  • Kenichi, USA and Somalia
  • Bede, Australia
  • Ildiko, Hungary
  • Xochilt, Nicaragua
  • Russ, United Kingdom
  • Jacqueline, USA

Course List

  • Artifacts and Art History
  • English and American Literature
  • Globalism, Modern Culture and Media
  • International Relations
  • Youth Education Policy of the EU
  • Ethnographic Techniques for Inter-Cultural Understanding
  • Figurative Language
  • Study Skills
  • Tourism in Mostar and BiH
  • Business Development
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Economics and Development
  • Ethics
  • Human Rights Through Conversational English
  • Social Project Designing and Resources
  • Strategies for Relationships, Groups and Organisations
  • Success Attributes

Events and Extracurricular Activities

  • Team-building games, Youth Power
  • Hiking trip, Blidinje National Park
  • Business challenge day, Intera Technology Park
  • Arts Festival, OKC Abrasevic
  • Sports Night, Egipatsko Selo
  • Guided Tour of Mostar: Culture, History and Architecture
  • Marija’s Story: A Young Entrepreneur in Mostar
  • Journalism Discussion, Andrijana Copf, Local Journalist
  • Introduction to Higher Education, Stefan Minic
  • Constitutional Reform, K-143
  • Gender and Identity Workshop, Bosana Foundation
  • Discussion on the Theory of Knowledge, UWC
  • Working for International Organisations, UWC
  • Closing ceremony and party, UWC and OKC Abrasevic

Mostar Summer Youth Program
Bajatova 2, Mostar, 88000

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