The Mostar Summer Youth Programme (MSYP) is a free summer educational programme that provides youth aged 14-19 from Mostar and the surrounding area with opportunities to improve their self-confidence and key skills. The programme empowers participants in their educational, social and professional ambitions, by connecting them with organisations and businesses working in and around Mostar. MSYP aspires to be a hub for youth leadership, volunteerism, and entrepreneurship. 

Overview Brochure

Download the overview brochure here: English, BCS

Results of Student questionnaire

  • 84% said that MSYP gave them more confidence speaking English
  • 91% said that MSYP prepared them better for higher education
  • 66% said that MSYP prepared them better for their future career
  • 97% of students would recommend MSYP to their friends

What Our Participants Say

  • “I like the freedom I had in classes compared to my formal education.”
  • “I now feel really confident when talking to new people – not just in English.”
  • “I met a lot of people from different countries… it changed my views.”
  • “I loved that we could express our opinions.”
  • “I always look for programmes concerned with self-improvement and I found MSYP to be one of the best.”

What Our Teachers Say

  • “For our students, this was a fantastic and unique chance to learn a lot and have fun at the same time.”
  • “The students also had a chance to see good sides of volunteering and community service.”
  • “This was a valuable experience working with people from different backgrounds. It was great working with youth in another social context. It has reinforced my ambition to work in post-conflict societies and focus on supporting youth to develop their potential”
  • “Working at MSYP was a phenomenal experience. I hope to be of help in the future as well. I gained valuable experience, made lots of friends and became better acquainted with Mostar. Thank you for making this happen for all of us!”
  • “The history of this beautiful but still divided city, all our classes and evening events… made me realize what is really important in life.”

Coordinating Team

Dilia Zwart: B.A. Social Anthropology at Harvard now completing an MA in International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS, University of London ( The School of Oriental and African Studies)

Freya Nowell: BSc International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she now works full time as a Widening Participation Coordinator, managing largescale education projects for school pupils around London aged 1218. Freya is a trustee of Our Kids Foundation in the UK.

Sho Igawa: B.A. International Relations and Political Science at Tufts University, now completing an MA in Conflict Transformation at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, Eastern Mennonite University.

Vlatka Lucic: Bachelor Art History and English Language and Literature. Currently finishing her MA in Art History and English Language and Literature at the University of Mostar (Faculty of Arts). Vlatka is an active alumni of AIESEC BiH and member of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights.

 Coordinating Team: Vlatka Lucic, Dilia Zwart, Freya Nowell, Sho Igawa

Coordinating Team: Vlatka Lucic, Dilia Zwart, Freya Nowell, Sho Igawa