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It has long been our goal to extend MSYP beyond the three-week summer programme. So we are delighted to present our year-round courses and events. See below for details of the courses and events on offer.

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MSYP Book Club

Bookworms of Mostar, behold! Our teacher Alina Mateos Horrisberger is conducting a six-week long module for youth aged 14 - 19. The module will consist of a book club where you will read one or two short novels, chosen by you out of 5 different possibilities. At each weekly meeting, intended to last for about 1:15 - 1:30 hours, we will discuss the texts, debate a bit about literary theory, and explore new writings and media such as executable code poetry and Twitterature.

Are you ready to spark your creativity and help the writer in you unfold?

It's not too late to join. We've just started the second book: "The Days of the Deer" by Liliana Bodoc (Translation by Nick Caistor and Lucia Caistor Arendar). Just fill in a registration form and Alina will be touch!

Click here to see the calendar and details of upcoming meetings.

MSYP Web Development Course

Module 1 - HTML and CSS (click here for detailed content)
Module 2 - JavaScript (detailed content coming soon)
Module 3 - PHP and SQL (detailed content coming soon)

All current courses are full.
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